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Inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice: Madness Returns

This outfit is a little bit of a darker look for Valentine’s Day, paying homage to the Queen’s evil in-game look. I wanted to bring some Wonderland elements in as well with the bunny tights and floral accessories. 

Dress: Temperly London - Mini Solitaire Dress, $250 / Vest: Parisiscoming - Faux Fur Sleeveless Black Jacket, $35 / Necklace: Oliver Bonas - Rose Flower Stop Watch Necklace, $32 / Bracelet: Shelley Cooper - Sweet Romance Rose & Pearl Cuff, $49 / Belt: 2B - Metal Tip Belt, $10 / Bag: Shopbop - Deux Lux Heart Bag, $85 / Tights: ASOS - Bunny Over the Knee Tights, $15 / Shoes: Debenhams - Black Platform Shoe Boots, $35

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Totally dismiss anyone who puts you down for loving video games because they will never know how wonderful it feels to live hundreds of lives and to explore a plethora of amazing worlds and to feel so powerful and so vulnerable all at once. They’ll never know. And it’s their loss, not yours.



This morning my daughter, who is nearly four, saw the stretch marks on my hips and stomach. She ran her hands over them and asked what they were.

“I got them when I grew up,” I said, “and a few more when I had you.” I grinned down at her. “They’re my stripes. You’ll get stripes too when you grow up.”

She was overjoyed. “Really?

I think she’s in her room now, pretending to be a tiger.

This is what we need to teach. 

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